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CALLIGRAPHY // This is how you start with (modern) calligraphy!

by Judith Joosten 22 May 2018

How nice that you are going to start with modern calligraphy and of course that you have found my website. I have been selling materials for modern calligraphy for a while now. About three years ago I thought it was a shame that you could find so few materials for calligraphy in the Netherlands. I now have a very large collection of fine materials. I always enjoy delving into new materials and crafts. So it's time to share more information with you. Recently I have shared a number of individual blogs with you, this will be a kind of summary of how you can start with calligraphy.

You'll get off to the best start with modern calligraphy with

In this blog, pay special attention to the links I have posted to previous blogs! This is kind of a quick summary of the information I gave earlier :).

The right materials
Are you starting with modern calligraphy? Then you don't immediately need a lot of materials. the use of good quality materials is important. By using the right materials, you can focus on the technique. Your attention then turns to the techniques you are using, instead of becoming frustrated that your materials are not doing what they are supposed to do. There are a number of materials needed for basic modern calligraphy equipment.

  • A pen holder (Straight or Oblique)
  • A nib (Nikko G, Brause Steno, or for example this set)
  • Ink (sumi is recommended)
  • Paper : use good quality paper so that the ink does not bleed.

Read more in this blog.

Before you can start writing there are a number of things you need to do.

Cleaning the nibs: there is always some oil left on the nib during the production process. Therefore, you must remove it before use. In this blog I will explain how.

Attaching the nib in the pen holder : that may be your first dilemma ;). In this blog I will show you how to attach the pen.

Finding the right posture & putting pen to paper , because your posture is one of the essential things in calligraphy.

Information & Curiosity
When you see someone else doing calligraphy, it probably looks pretty easy. It is a bit more difficult than it seems, as is the case with many things ;). That's why it's really important to learn a little about calligraphy first. There are many nice books for calligraphy, I have already selected the nicest books for you: you can find them in the shop. A workshop by Joyce (Watch Calligraphy) is also highly recommended, as you will learn all the important skills in a masterclass! I also have a selection of the nicest calligraphy books in the shop. A while ago I did a comparison of three different books.

Are you curious about nice calligraphy blogs? Read more about it here .

And then practice!
What is actually the most important part of mastering calligraphy is actually practicing. I recognize that you would prefer to be able to do everything at once. Enjoy the process! Because 15-30 minutes every day will really help you learn calligraphy better <3.


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