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DIY CHRISTMAS // Cranberry Place Cards

by Judith Joosten 09 May 2017

Are you already busy planning your Christmas dinner? These name cards are a nice decoration for a beautifully set table. By the way, you can just buy the cranberries at the supermarket! Maybe you already use cranberries for dinner, so you already have almost everything at home.

DIY Materials:

  • Flower wire
  • Pliers
  • Cranberries
  • Pine branch (rosemary is also very nice!)
  • Possibly: paper + pen for writing names

DIY Tutorial
Step 1: Make a small loop at the end of the floral wire.
Step 2: Then twist the flower wire into the shape you want the wreath to be
Step 3: Thread the Cranberries onto the wire
Step 4: Put the loose end through the loop you made earlier and make a loop again.
Step 5: You can put your pine branch through these loops.
Step 6: Cut out name tags and write the names of your guests on them.
Step 7: Place them on the plate for your guests, so you have a personally set table!

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